Education Foundation

Our mission is to help make Catholic
educational opportunities affordable to all
members of the Parish of the Holy Spirit

We are building something great
Be part of the foundation

The Holy Spirit Educational Foundation which was founded in 1988 is an endowment that accepts donations, memorials and estate gifts and has a few fund raising events every year. The Foundation never spends the money it receives, the amounts donated remain untouched and the dividends, interest and profits earned by that money are used to support many of the educational programs of the Parish.

Over the last 23 years the Foundation has provided nearly $1.6 million for the education of our Parishioners. With a fund balance of three million dollars the Foundation’s ability to help support faith-based programs is vitally important. This endowment helps make possible education opportunities for adults and youth of the Parish as well as providing tuition assistance to over 80 families. This tuition assistance enables children to attend our school or religious education programs. The Foundation believes no child should be denied an education in our Catholic faith simply because the family cannot afford it.

If you would like to know more about the Foundation, seek tuition assistance, make a donation, or talk about a legacy gift in your will please contact the Parish business manager Daryl Nowicki at 453-6369.