Parent Quotes:

“Many years ago, my own parents chose Holy Spirit School as the foundation for my faith-based education, and when it came time to make this decision for our own children, Holy Spirit was the obvious choice.  Holy Spirit’s high standards of academic excellence are combined with lessons in spirituality, generosity, and compassion for others, encouraging the development of the whole person.  The dedicated administration and teaching staff work hard to create a strong community and a welcoming family atmosphere, providing a loving environment that gives students the opportunity to do their very best.  Many of my lifelong friendships started with my Holy Spirit roots, and it is such an awesome experience to see my own children love their school experience and form friendship with the children of m lifelong friends and other Holy Spirit Alumni!”

 – Kristen Inbody


“Holy Spirit has been a key part of my life as a student, teacher, parent, and parishioner.  I have benefited greatly from this extraordinary faith family and want to pass those benefits on to my children and my students.  Every day when I come to school, I am reminded of why I choose to work here and why this is the best place for my children.  It is a blessing to be in such a Christian environment that is focused on the complete personal development of each student.  The combination of parish and school makes me proud to be a part of Holy Spirit.”

– Lisa Kalahar


Student Quotes:

“Holy Spirit helped put me a step ahead. It taught me the skills and provided me with the tools I needed to succeed in high school. I always felt that I had an advantage because of how well Holy Spirit prepared me.”

– Laura Bertram – Holy Spirit School Graduating Class of 2000 – Summa Cum Laude Aquinas College Graduating Class of 2008


“Catholic education has truly shaped me into the person I am today.  Because of the Catholic identity, academic excellence, character development, service work and community found at Holy Spirit and West Catholic, I am a successful student at the University of Notre Dame, and more importantly, I am a better person with strong values, beliefs, and faith.  My Catholic education has been and will continue to be an integral part of my current and future success.  I am forever grateful for the wonderful teachers, staff, parents, and friends who have all shaped my 18 excellent years in Catholic education.”

– Jacqueline Wilson – Holy Spirit School Graduating Class of 2009 – Valedictorian of West Catholic Graduating Class of 2013

“From the very beginning of my Catholic academic journey at Holy Spirit, I learned the importance of academic discipline, developing a strong sense of self, and striving to grow closer to Christ every day through one’s words and actions.  My time spent in the Grand Rapids Catholic school system equipped me with the tools and the desire to attain that which I set my mind to, and to serve those around me.  As I have progressed onward to Loyola University Chicago, I realize how fortunate and blessed I am to have attended Holy Spirit and West Catholic.  I owe a great deal to the schools and their encouraging and helpful staff who helped me to realize my immense potential and aided in the success I have found thus far in life.”

– Nick Coulson – Holy Spirit School Graduating Class of 2011


“My favorite part about Holy Spirit School is learning about God.  We share prayer intentions and ask our classmates to pray for people we know.  We even pray before sporting events.  God is the center of everything we do at Holy Spirit.  We get a great education here and are challenged to learn and do more.  The teachers help us reach the high standards set for us by making learning fun and by giving individual help.”

– Brendan Hofmann, Holy Spirit Graduating Class of 2017


Survey Quotes:

“Holy Spirit School has provided the education and family atmosphere for my child through caring and teaching.”

“God is a part of a student’s everyday life (in addition to academics and sports).”

“We are non-parishioners, but feel like we belong – and are very welcomed.”

“My three-year-old came home at Easter time and knew the entire Easter story. Good family-based. We feel part of the ‘bigger’ church family.”

“All the teachers are wonderful, and the fact that my child wants to go to school pleases me.”