SchoolAdmin Tuition & Smart Aid

SchoolAdmin Tuition Info:

22-23 Holy Spirit School Inquiry Form

22-23 SchoolAdmin Parent User Sign In

Holy Spirit School will be moving from Smart Tuition to School Admin for the 22-23 school year.  You will receive a Welcome email with your personal Portal Link information that you will use to create a log in, complete any outstanding registration requirements, select your billing option, enter your billing information, and sign your student contracts.   Please note the following…

  1.  You will receive one personalized link per parent, and each parent will need to use their own email address.
  2.  You will be required to complete outstanding registration items and sign a student contract for each student.  You will be able to designate who is financially responsible for your payments within the registration.  When complete, your billing statement will include all students under your account.
  3. Many of the registration requirements listed may have been submitted with your paper registration packet this spring.  We will mark those as received after your contract is active.
  4. Some of the registration requirements are optional – such as the Transportation/Bus contract or the Free & Reduced Lunch Application.  Only complete and submit what is pertinent to your family.
  5. You may access and update your registration information at any time after your initial log in has been created via this link:


Smart Aid Financial Aid Info:

22-23 Smart Aid Parent Instructions  (use if needed for this year.)

23-24 Smart Aid Parent Instructions (use if needed for next school year, 23-24)

Smart Tuition Aid Application Link  (Tuition Financial Aid Application)  Use for both first time applicants and existing account holders.