Parent Ambassadors

As a new member of our Holy Spirit School Family, we understand that you are experiencing a lot of excitement…as well as having a lot of questions!

Therefore, to help your transition be as smooth as possible, we partner your family with a veteran family. Your Parent Ambassador is available to:

  • give you a refresher tour of the school and grounds
  • help you fill out lunch/milk/conference forms
  • walk you through the school arrival and dismissal procedures
  • help you meet other Holy Spirit School Families
  • answer questions throughout the year ~ to help you avoid first time jitters

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Holy Spirit School Parent Ambassadors. They love to help new families become part of our Holy Spirit School Family, as well as to share their excitement about the opportunities that await your child/ren!

  • Philip and Emily Bouma
  • Ed and Ashley Braman
  • Bill and Kelly Clancy
  • Justin and Cindy Dill
  • Brian and Melissa Jaszczyszyn
  • Charlie and Rachel Jonaitis
  • Adrian and Megan Ponik
  • Rich and Jennifer VanZyll