School Uniforms

Students’ academic performance and behavior are at their peak when they are neat, clean, and appropriately dressed for school. To ensure that the social pressures of attire and its implications upon young people will not affect the educational process, Holy Spirit School has adopted a school uniform code for students in grades 1-8.  The code stresses neatness and modesty. Occasionally, the Student Council also sponsors Fun Days.  On these days, students pay a nominal fee to dress according to a theme (i.e., College Day, Western Day, etc.). Students are expected to dress neatly and appropriately on Color Days and Fun Days.

Uniforms may be ordered from Lands End, with the option of including the Holy Spirit Logo.  Use our school code 900123084 to view and order items approved by the administration.  Use this direct link to our Lands End account:

Uniforms may also be purchased through Educational Outfitters on 28th Street, where they will have most items in stock and embroidery is done on site.  Some items may need to be ordered but are filled within 7-10 days. View the Uniform Educational Outfitter Flyer here.

Review the Holy Spirit School Uniform Dress Code.