Mrs. Michelle Null – Middle School Team

Michelle Null is currently in her 24th year of teaching at Holy Spirit School. She is one of the middle school teachers and her roles include teaching sixth, seventh, and eighth grade science along with seventh grade English and eighth grade literature. In addition, Mrs. Null serves as technology and Infinite Campus coordinator for our school. Mrs. Null is a proud graduate of West Catholic and earned a bachelor’s degree from Aquinas College, as well as a master’s degree in science education from Aquinas College. Mrs. Null lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and son. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching sporting events, and being actively involved in her parish community.

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6th Grade Science

Review Material:

Scientific Method Review Games and Activities

Observation Games

Experiment, Data, & Conclusion Games

Observation, Question, and Hypothesis Games

Review Jeopardy Game

Measurement and Density Review Games and Activities

Measurement Practice Games

Measurement and Density Vocab Games

Density Review Games

Mr. Parr Weight, Mass, and Gravity Song

Measurement Review

Density Simulator (will not work on iPads; laptop or desktop only)

Review Jeopardy 

Relationships of Organisms Unit

Populations, Communities, etc. Games

Food Webs and Chains Games
Relationships between organisms games

Review Jeopardy 1

Review Jeopardy 2

 Human Impact on the Environment

Human Impact on Env. Vocab Games

Human Impact on Env. Prefixes and Suffixes Games

Review Jeopardy

Earth Interior Review Games and Activities

Earth’s Structure Games

Plate Tectonics Games

Vocab Games

Review Jeopardy

Rock and Minerals Unit Review Games and Activities

Rocks and Rock Cycle


Soil Formation and Horizons

Weathering and Erosion

7th Grade Science

First Semester Units:

Motion and Energy Review Material

Newton’s Laws

Speed and Velocity Games

Energy Skate Park Simulator

Energy Transfer Review Material:

Energy Transfer Games

Energy Transfer Jeopardy

Heat Transfer Song (Mr. Parr)

Radiation, Conduction, and Convection Song (Mr. Parr)

Conservation of Energy Song (Mr. Parr)

Waves Review Material

Waves Games

Review Jeopardy 

Mr. Parr – Electromagnetic Spectrum Song

Mr. Parr – Just like an Echo Song

Mr. Parr –  Light Song

Second Semester Units:

Cells and Living Things

Parts of Cells Games

Characteristics of Living Things Games

Microscope and Cells Games

Plant Reproduction Review Material

Male, Female, or Neither?

Review Jeopardy (plant reproduction)

Identify the flower parts

Photosynthesis Review Material

Photosynthesis Games

Vascular Tissue games

Photosynthesis Vocab Games

Atmosphere Review Material

Warming of the Earth’s Atmosphere and Human Impact on the Atmosphere Games

Atmosphere Vocab Games

Atmosphere Games

Climate & Weather Games

Fronts and Air Masses Games

Vocab Games

Ocean Currents and Climate Games

Weather vs. Climate Games

Weather Instruments

Weather Forecasting


8th Grade Science

First Semester Review Material

 Reproduction and Genetics Units Review Games and Activities:

Genetics Games

Genetics Vocab Games

Reproduction and Traits games

Punnett Square Practice

Body System

Nervous System Games

Muscular and Skeletal System Games

Digestive System Games

Immune System Games

Second Semester Material

Earth’s Interior Review Games and Activities

Plate Tectonics Games

Review Jeopardy

Earth’s Geological History Review Games and Activities (Students may use geological time scale sheets from class on this test).

Earth’s History Games

Earth’s History Review Jeopardy

Hydrogeology Review Games and Activities (Students may use Great Lakes Data Sheet & Great Lakes Input/Outputs sheet)

Hydrogeology Games

Hydrogeology Jeopardy

Changes in Matter Review Games and Activities:

Chemical and Physical Changes Games

Review Jeopardy-Changes of Matter Unit

Physical or Chemical?

Changes in matter

Properties of matter game

Vocab Game

States of Matter Simulator

 Elements/Properties of Matter Review Games and Activities

Review Jeopardy

Elements and the Periodic Table Games

Mr. Parr Video-Inside an Atom Song

Mr. Parr Video-Periodic Table Song

Mr. Parr Video-Atomic Structure Song

 Acids and Bases Review Games and Activities

Acids & Bases Games

Acids and Bases Vocabulary Games

Indicators Game

Mr. Parr Video-Acids, Bases, & Salts

Jeopardy Review

7th Grade English

First Semester Material

Grammar Review Games:

Unit 1-Nouns

Unit 2- Adjectives

Unit 3- Pronouns

Vocab Games and review material:

Vocab Unit 1 Games and review material

Vocab Unit 2 Games

Vocab Unit 3 Games

Vocab Unit 4 Games

Vocab Unit 5 Games

Vocab Unit 6 Games

Vocab Unit 7 Games

Second Semester Material

Grammar Review Games:

Unit 4- Verbs

Unit 5- Prepositions

Vocab Review Games:

Vocab Lists (Level G)

Vocab Unit 8 Games

Vocab Unit 9 Games

Vocab Unit 10 Games

Vocab Unit 11 Games

Vocab Unit 12 Games

Vocab Unit 13 Games

Vocab Unit 14 Games

Vocab Unit 15 Games